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International Relations

Presently, the Principality of Novum Angliae is engaged in international relations with many other pocket-States and developing nations. These nations include:

Nations with Official Alliances and/ or Treaties:

  • The Ossirian Empire
  • The Republic of Carloso
  • The Aerican Empire
  • Principality of Pandia
  • The Emperium of DeWaco Estates
  • The Kingdom of Innhau
  • The Principality of Savante
  • The Princedom of Ausland
  • The United Territories of Sky Haven

  • The Democratic Republic of Leylandiistan

  •  The Grand Duchy of Flandrensis and the Flandrensisian Commonwealth

  • Principaut√© du Nouveau-Texas
  • The Republic of Ataxia
  •  Templar Kingdom (Basic Diplomatic Relations)
  • The Sovereign Non-Military Order of Neutral Mankind on Earth
  • Kingdom of the Ice People
  • Kingdom of Alorya

Nations with Mutual Recognition Only:
  • Empire of Austenasia
  • Republic of Aquitaine
  • Kingdom of Ruritania
  • Noble Republic of Lurk (Diplomatic Relations in Negotiation/ Pending)
  • The Republic of Theodia

If you are a pocket-State or developing country leader wishing to engage in diplomatic relations with the Principality of Novum Angliae, please e-mail us at [email protected].

The Principality of Novum Angliae is also now accepting applications for micronations to join the Commonwealth of Novum Angliae. All nations who join the Commonwealth will be under indirect rule of the Principality of Novum Angliae. To request membership, or for more information about the benefits of making your micronation a member-state of the Commonwealth of Novum Angliae, please e-mail us at the above address.