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Novum angliae

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The Great Seal of the Principality of Novum Angliae

Welcome to the official website of the Principality of Novum Angliae!

Novum Angliae is a pocket-State, landlocked within the United States, specifically, the southern portion of the state of Ohio. Our country declared independence from the United States on 14th August, 2010, and we have continued to grow and prosper ever since.

The Principality of Novum Angliae is presently under the rule of HRH Prince Logan of Novum Angliae. His Royal Highness and the Royal Family currently reside in Novum Londinensi, the country's capitol, and the heart of our nation.

We invite you to explore our site further to find out more about our country and it's wonderful people. We also hope that you will inquire about planning a visit, or becoming a citizen through our dual citizenship policy.

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